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Known for her roles in television and film; notably, Madam Secretary, Mannequin, Flamingo Kid, The Rapture, Sex & the City, My Wife and Kids, Angel and Scrubs.

Her first feature film was in the 1981 horror film Piranha II: The Spawning. Later on in the 1980s, she appeared in the comedy film The Flamingo Kid, her most well known film role came in 1987 as Roxie Shield in the cult comedy film Mannequin. She later also appeared in films such as the 1990 comedy The Shrimp on the Barbie, the 1991 comedy If Looks Could Kill and cult fim The Rapture, in the same year. Carole had guest appearances in television shows such as The A-Team, Star Trek: Voyager, Sex and The City and Angel. Most recently, Davis appeared in Going the Distance.

Early 80’s, NYC: My friend was going on an audition for the role of an Italian opera singer. I was in college and singing in nightclubs at the time. Having spent my summers in Italy growing up, I spoke fluent Italian and being a singer, my friend asked me to coach her on the singing and the Italian accent for the role. The day of the audition, she asked me to accompany her for moral support. So we went to the seedy casting director’s office downtown and she flubbed the audition. The director barged out of the office, pointed at me and said, “You! Do you speak Italian? Do you sing?” I looked at my friend and she said, “Go ahead, I messed it up and I’d rather you got it than anyone else.” A week later, I was shooting a movie in Berlin and had a fat wire transfer in my bank account.

I did Piranha with James Cameron right after that in Jamaica. I got eaten by flying fish and at the end, hilariously, you see my skeleton in a blue bikini at the bottom of Grand Cayman. Then I was cast as Joyce Brody in the Gary Marshall comedy, Flamingo Kid, opposite Matt Dillon. I played Richard Crenna’s and Jessica Walter’s bratty, loud-mouth daughter who hangs out with boys in the back of cars. I was working with Prince at that time, and he wanted to sign me to do a movie with him. But the role was contingent on me signing a 5-album deal under the band name “Vagina“ so my agents turned down the lead in Purple Rain (biggest mistake ever)!

Amalita Amalfi in Sex and the City is still one of my favorite roles. The chance to play an Italian pimp floating through scenes, laughing in all of my personal evening clothes was beyond fabulous. Director Susan Seidleman unleashed me on set and BAM! Playing Amalita was like driving a Ferrari on the edge of the cliffs on the Amalfi coast— exhilarating. My other fave role was a total badass, the recurring role of the French foreign minister on Madam Secretary. It was challenging to play such a powerful woman making decisions that affect geo-politics on the world stage. Plus I got to copy my mother’s French accent. That was the first character I played that I wanted to actually be in my real life.

2020 Beach Cougar Gigolo

Susan Lelie

2016-2017 Madam Secretary (TV Series)
French Foreign Minister Monique Beauvais

Article 5 (2017) … French Foreign Minister Monique Beauvais (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

Snap Back (2016) … French Foreign Minister Monique Beauvais (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

2017 The Queen of Hollywood Blvd
Rose Leroux (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2013 2 Broke Girls (TV Series)

And Just Plane Magic (2013) … Agnes (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2010 Going the Distance

Carmen (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2007 Veronica Mars (TV Series)
Sabirah Krimani

Un-American Graffiti (2007) … Sabirah Krimani (as Carole Raphelle Davis)

 2007 Scrubs (TV Series)

Their Story (2007) … Rosie (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2006 The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Series)

Episode #1.4843 (2006) … Marguerite (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2004 My Wife and Kids (TV Series)

Hand Model (2004) … Vaneska (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2004 Angel (TV Series)
Ilona Costa Bianchi

The Girl in Question (2004) … Ilona Costa Bianchi (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2003 Manhood

Rita X (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)  2002 Live from Baghdad (TV Movie)

Mrs. Awatiff (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2002 Less Than Perfect (TV Series)
Mrs. Butler

Claude the Liar (2002) … Mrs. Butler (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2002 The Division (TV Series)
TV Reporter

Illusions (2002) … TV Reporter (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 2001 Bob Patterson (TV Series)
Vivienne Broussard

Naked Bob (2001) … Vivienne Broussard

 2001 Jack the Dog

Rita X (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)  2000 How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale (TV Movie)

Catherine (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)  2000 Ed Gein

Rosemary (uncredited)

 1998 Sex and the City (TV Series)
Amalita Amalfi

The Power of Female Sex (1998) … Amalita Amalfi (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)

 1997 Interruptions

Sherrie, the sister  1997 Clover (TV Movie)


 1997 Pacific Palisades (TV Series)
Cory’s Former Patient

The Bet (1997) … Cory’s Former Patient

 1996 Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series)
Giuseppina Pentangeli

The Swarm (1996) … Giuseppina Pentangeli

 1996 Hot Line (TV Series)
Barbara Pollifumo

The Sitter (1996) … Barbara Pollifumo

 1996 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV Series)

Lonely Dick (1996) … Aviana

 1995 Kidnapped: In the Line of Duty (TV Movie)

Gigi  1995 Project: Metalbeast

Michelle (as Carol Davis)

 1994 Acapulco H.E.A.T. (TV Series)
Stacey Harley

Code Name: Easy Riders (1994) … Stacey Harley

 1991 The Rapture

Angie  1991 If Looks Could Kill

Areola Canasta  1990 The Shrimp on the Barbie

Dominique  1988 Les pyramides bleues

Dana  1988 Baja Oklahoma (TV Movie)

Tina Busher (as Carole Raphaelle Davis)  1987 The Princess Academy

Sonia  1987 Mannequin


 1986 Dream West (TV Mini-Series)

Part II (1986)

Dream West (1986)

 1984 The Flamingo Kid

Joyce Brody (as Carole R. Davis)

 1984 The A-Team (TV Series)

The Island (1984) … Kalani

 1983 The First Turn-On!!

Art Teacher (uncredited)  1981 Piranha II: The Spawning

Jai  1981 C.O.D.

Contessa Bazzini

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